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Xomega.Net for VS 2022

Below is a summary of the release notes for the Xomega.Net for Visual Studio 2022 releases.

Version 9.11.5

Release Date: 9/25/2022

New features

Bug fixes

  • Fixed compilation issue in generated Service Contracts due to enumeration name conflict.
  • Fixed generators of Data Objects and View Models to handle DataObjectList classes with multiple ReadList operations.
  • Fixed generation of navigation properties for fields in a key fieldset.
  • Fixed service-based generators to handle objects with only subobject operations.
  • Fixed message constant generators for VS 2022.
  • Fixed UnloadProject and ReloadProject to execute in the UI thread for VS 2022 to avoid errors.

Minor changes

  • Added file nesting to the REST controllers project.
  • Updated to the latest NuGet packages where possible.

Version 9.11.4

Release Date: 3/14/2022

New features

  • Support for Visual Studio 2022
  • Support for .NET 6

Minor changes

  • Fixed label resource generator to not output duplicate resources for data properties.
  • Fixed solution template for creating 2-tier WPF apps.
  • Updated to the latest NuGet packages where possible.